A great view no matter where you're sitting

Track your flight without GPS or a network connection. WindowSeat gives you a better view of where you’re flying, when you’ll arrive, and what’s below you, all while you’re offline. Watch the video.

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screen capture of WindowSeat in use

  • Track while you fly.

    WindowSeat is the first app that gathers the flight plan for your journey, and maps the route for you. It is the same plan your pilot is using. WindowSeat predicts your location so you won't miss places like the Grand Canyon or YellowStone.

  • Adjust in mid-air.

    Updating your flight time and flight position during your flight is easy. Simply drag your flight back or forth on the flight map to recalculate your flight time, or input updated flight time to recalibrate your flight position.

  • Know what’s below.

    WindowSeat’s points-of-interest database provides images and abstracts of landmarks and geographic locations to read about as you fly over them. Points-of-interest also help you determine your flight location so you can recalibrate your position and flight time based on what’s outside your window.

  • “The advantage of WindowSeat is that it doesn’t require an in-flight Internet connection: it’s designed to work even when your phone is sedated in airplane mode.”
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    New York Times

  • “It's like having a tour guide telling you about the places you are flying over.”


  • “Simply put, this is a great app and one I will be using on my next flight.”


  • “Interactive iPhone app "WindowSeat" takes flight maps up a big notch.”

    Wall Street Journal

  • “How did it do? It tests out pretty well. It was close on my flight time, gave me a really good idea of where I was in the air, and provided a ton of interesting tidbits about the geography and cities in my flight path, all while in airplane mode.”

    Silicon Florist